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12 марта 21:58
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I lie down and close my eyes,
I see ocean and dark-blue sky,
I look forward your answer to me.
I’ll be better. You will see.

Come in my life, Come in my soul.
Death is no lie - I know it for sure.
Taking my life, taking my soul.
Death is no lie it isn’t your fault.
I dream caz I live, I will when I die.
Nobody can see how I am tired.

People around may think they are better…
You know, for me it doesn’t matter!
You know, I forgive their stupid and more…
I don’t want to live in the word where is war.


People around may think they are happy
They live their own VIP-life.
I wanted to change my life maybe,
Caz only I need is survive!

My thought that I need always flying away,
My dreams that I wish must come true.
I want war is stopping forever today
The war in my head wish stop too!


I don’t want to see people’s crying,
I don’t want to forgive anyone.
I just want to feel I am flying
I live my own life only ONE!
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